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she gives a lot of great advice
June 2020

Working with Jennifer is like being married, she gives a lot of great advice and as long as you listen to everything she says you’ll be happy with the results!

When I bought the house 4+ years ago the previous owners said they had it on and off the market for 3 years. I listed it about two years later with two separate agents over 6 months with no luck at all. After getting married we found our dream home but I was extremely nervous about the prospects of selling my house based on past experience. However, Jennifer was very confident I’d be able to sell it so I took the plunge. First she walked the property with me and provided feedback that I hadn’t though of to make the property more appealing (side gig as an interior designer is definitely in her future). Then we discussed list price and additional costs. I’ve never heard of a seller paying for all of the inspections for the home but that’s what she recommended and with a bit of back and forth I went with it. After that she hired an amazing photographer, Nicholas LaRiviere at Firefly Aerial Solutions, to not just take photos but also do a 3D tour. While that was especially important during COVID so a potential buyer could feel more comfortable with the house while spending as little time at the property I thinking was a great way to set the house apart from the competition. Because she’s local she has quite a following and marketed the property extremely well before it had been listed.

Come listing day as a buyer you would have wonderful photos of the property, been able to see what the property looks like as you walk through it, and would know anything and everything you need to know about the house because the general inspection, septic inspection, radon results, water results were all readily available. This made the house that much more appealing for a buyer. On the first day we had to clear out for the entire day as it was booked up with showings and we had an OVER asking offer the following morning. While it’s safe to say that the market is very different today than it was several years ago I’m confident the results would have been at least similar due to a Jennifer’s expertise.

Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, trustworthy, and responsive. In short she’s everything you could asked for in a real estate agent and, in this case, even more!

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